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Default Self-built Chain Guard

I built a chain guard for the rear sprocket out of Poly (acrylic glass) because my chain was initially leaning towards the spokes and once even got caught up in them. So, for safety, I tightened the chain significantly (almost no "give" on the chain) and machined this piece. Now, over time, the piece has a few chips in it that the chain will brush against and make a scraping sound.
This is all happening after the master link (original that came with my kit from ~1 year ago - been riding it at near top speed for 6 or so months) broke off when the bike chain (not engine chain) came off. I've filed down the bits on the acrylic piece a lot, but there is still a little bit of a strange scraping noise... My question to you is, is the bike safe to ride?
By the way, for you Ohio riders out there - I've been riding in the Strongsville area for a while with NO trouble from cops. I've even passed cops, but usually when I do I hold the clutch, hit the killswitch, and act like I'm pedaling - they never stop to ask questions. Thanks in advance!

(another btw, I can post pics if needed.)
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