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Originally Posted by cdzlpwr View Post
Did u use both rubber rings on the spokes? If so how did u keep the sprocket flush on the hub retainer ring? Also, my clutch rod that gets pushed by the lever will not move in. R they known for getting jammed up?

I only used one rubber ring, that is what is recommended for coaster brakes. That way the sprocket fits tight around the dust cap and hub. My first engine kit, boygofast, was locked up. I had to take the clutch cover off and loosen up the star nut. Then the clutch was able to push pin in to disengage. Hope that helps. Search "star nut for clutch" and you will find detailed description with picture on how to do this. If these engine sit around to long they can get stuck in place or if the China man tighten it up too much.
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