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Default re: Are all EZM kits the same? and a question to EZM owners

I think probably most of the dealers sell for around the same price. The choice between dealers may boil down to having one live near you and whether they are willing to help advise you on your build, that sort of thing. Most of us dealers are just guys who have the kit, like it and realized they could sell a few to people who saw theirs and want the same setup. Nobody is getting rich quick selling these kits. At least, not me and not Bill, either. As I see it I like promoting motorbicycling, sharing the fun of these things, regardless of the power unit people choose as right for them. I'm personally OK with being a low key 'dealer' because I'm riding around anyway, was recommending this unit to people before I decided to take part in selling them and concluded that they were pretty bullet proof. I don't like hassles, so bulletproof is important to me, too. Unhappy people on the phone I do not need in my life. Ha! I can't compare with the other transmission because I have no experience with it. I hope what I have said is not interpreted as either self promotion or a sales pitch. Pick whatever motor and drive system is right for you from whatever source, but stay safe, enjoy your build and have fun!
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