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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Hay RC-if you're dishing the wheel to center of the hub you're going to need different spokes that are the same length use a front wheel for parts-remove cog-first- spoke go from inside of hub flange out-most rims have off set spoke eyelets right side left side keep that in mind attach first spoke TIGHTEN NIPPLE (3)TURNS-on the same side of hub as the first spoke skip one hole and same as before go from inside of hub flange out-attach secant spoke going straight not crossed to the rime in the 4th empty eyelet continue this pattern for 9 spokes-now turn hub clockwise so as the spokes are holding hub centered-on the same side of the hub as the 9 spokes that are in now spoke from out side hub flange in-now cross spoke under the one next to it clockwise and over the next one and into the rim eyelet secant form the spoke just crossed do this with 9 spokes-flip wheel over repeat the lacing-true wheel
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