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Default Re: Here from El Centro CA

Well, I believe the fellahs about CA Law. However 14 miles isn't all that far and maybe your local po-po has MaBs on low priority as is the case around here.
Several MaBs I know here ride without a plate or license. Maybe you can get by or have your licence approved by a Judge.

With motorized bicycle it's about finding a way. It's a bicycle after all.

Good luck. One friend here rides several days a week more than 14 one way to report in for his legal issues. He welded highway pegs and has increased the speed of his bike with a smaller sprocket.

So.. Need an M2 and plate.. but will you local po-po flip their wig?

I'm going to get mine soon but I did ride 725 miles across three counties and didn't have one traffic stop.

Oh and it is about hands on repairs and maintenance so be ready for that as well.

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