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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

So I was out on a ride having fun, hit a bump. And the motor sputtered to death.... Pull over. Check the carb. Nothing wrong there. Pulled the bowl and the float and stuff was all working fine. Nothing clogged, etc. Checked spark...
Fortunately I carry a swiss army knife with me..
Pulled the magneto cover and there are three tiny coper wires coming out of the coil going to ground. One of them was broken off. So I scraped the coating off all of them, and used some strands of wire from the white wire I bound them back together again.
This repair made it 15 miles until it broke beyond side-of-the-road repair. So I ended up walking 3 miles home. Better than 18 miles.

My last side of the road repair (last week) was the carb drain screw coming out. The threads were stripped and it wasn't staying in great... I cut a bit of foam off my shoe and shoved it in the hole, that reduced it to a very slow leak which got me to work, and then back home at end of the day.

I love these bikes, so simple, simple problems, simple stuff to fix on the side of the road.
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