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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by chrisme View Post
Tuned my bike to high octane fuel today... Advanced the timing (make, or buy an offset key), shaved the head a bit, and tuned and tuned, and re-tuned the carb. Port matching, etc, etc.

IT SCREAMS! I mounted my GPS on the handle bars and hit 39mph on flat ground (hard to find in Maine) with the 44t rear end. Which is only 4mph more than I was getting before. That's over 9000 RPMS!!!! But more than the top speed, the torque has made a huge increase. There are nothing but hills where I live, if I'm not going up a hill, I'm going down one, a little bit of flattish land between the hills. So it's greatly increased speed up hill.
One of the steepest, longest hills on my ride I only used to be able to pull up at about 12MPH. I mean a wicked steep hill. Now I can go up that very same hill at about 21.
I'm still going to keep it under 30. I feel it isn't safe/worth it to ride over 30. More sustained high RPMs will kill the engine faster. But I can get around much faster just because I can pull the hills so much quicker.
good job......
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