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Default Re: Cranbrooke 1st Build

Originally Posted by NewOrleansFlyer View Post
A couple of questions:
Are those hand grips tapered?? Looks like it in the pic...where'd you get 'em?
Also, why do so many people use the Crannie, but others think it is a POS? I've been in a few hobbies where the thinking is that money buys much more quality and sometimes it does and sometmies it doesn't. Nice project
Thanks, I bought the grips from a local bike store, they have a molded shape that tapers a bit but fits really good inside your hand. Ill try and see if i can get the manufacture name for ya.

So Many people use the Cranny cause its cheap. In my opinion its not all that bad! I upgraded my rims to some husky heavy du
ty ones so I could use the manic mechanic hub and wanted 24 inch rims instead of 26, for my Thick Brick Tires.
My First Build!
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