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Default Re: The Wally-Banger Special build

hello all

another sweaty day working on this thing

crappy bike chain that came with the kit snapped twice just trying to start it

i hate this garbage tensioner that came with the kit too

my soultion is this:

i picked up some new heavy duty chain from TSC. unfourtunatly they only had #40 chain at the time, i remeber somone using the 40 chain so i figured it would be better having a bigger chain
the first problem with the bigger chain is it rubs the left seat stay and the spokes at the same time

so when i return the 40 chain ill get some 41 instead hopfully it would be thin enough.

so at the moment im trying to get the stock chain to work enough to atleast tune my engine WITHOUT THE TENSIONER

to get my chain the right tightness i get the stock chain back together with one less link, but after pulling the axel back i find the crank side chain and sprockets get too tight and i cant get the motor's chain tight enough

im going to add a single link to the bicycle's crank side chain so i can have enough slack to pull the other motor side chain tight without having the wheel cocked to one side and rubbing the chain

the crank side chain wont need to be as precise and kept as perfect as the motor chain needs to be im hoping this will fix my problem

talk to you all later
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