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Default Re: help!! no masterlink

Originally Posted by Norman View Post
Teddy B
I don't know where in Fl. you are going I just got back from there I have a business card that was left under the wipers on our van someone must of saw the engine assisted bike I had with me. The card is for a shop in Jupiter, Fl. here is whats on the card.
A solar Eclipse .net
128 Juno Street
Jupiter, Fl. 33458
they are by appt. only they tint windows and on their card they list that they are the go for bikes. I tried to look it up on the net but didn't have any luck. Most likely my fault. But they do have a phone number and you might call and see if they have what you need. One of the guys lives in Gainsville, Fl. as well check out the members list.
another idea:
I recently bought a 415 chain in a specialty bike store. The man who sold it to me had no idea it was called that. He just called it a trick chain for bikes that jump. He had to look up the width on the box to find it. Ask for a 1/2 x 3/16 chain or link. You might have more luck than asking for a 415
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