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Default Re: Hi From Chicago. New and in need of help.

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
Sounds like fun in the windy city!

One thing... I would NOT put a sticker on that falsely stated displacement with intent to deceive and enforcement agent. That, is a crime in itself. Kinda like giving them a false ID ???

I'd sooner tell them "I bought it because it was represented as legal here."

Operate responsibly and you could never have an encounter of the costly kind.

Have fun!
It might be a felony in the People's Republic of Kalifornia, but here in the Chicago area, I can assure you that the cops could care less what sticker you put on your bike. The only possible way that you'd ever get in trouble is if you were doing truly stupid stuff and attracted negative attention. THEN they might decide to tune you up by getting you for every possible offense you could think of (and even some you couldn't imagine).

And putting a sticker on your engine that has a larger/smaller displacement is absolutely nothing like presenting a false ID to a cop!
Think they are going to check the bore & stroke of your engine and calculate the displacement during a traffic stop??? haha!
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