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Default Scuffed Huffy does some scuffing...on me.

Had the bike out for fourth ride of the weekend. Just a short trip to the local convenience store. Headed back home, stopped at a stop light and took off again. When I did I noticed my rear pull brake went limp. I looked down and saw the whole caliper had broken off at the mounting bolt. I signaled to pull over into a housing addition turn lane and WWWHHAAAAMMM! The caliper wedged itself between the tire and frame causing it to lock up and send me sliding dirt track style across the pavement at about 30 mph.


Also took a good bit of skin off the ball of my ankle and bruised my heel pretty bad. The bike didn't fair too bad. Chain is done, brake is obviously done, drive gear/rag joint are askew, rim needs trued (hoping spoke are ok under rag joint) right side pedal and grip are ate up. Looks like it's time for a hub adapter! I was looking for an excuse to pick one up...
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