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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well, my motorized bicycle is fully assembled and ready for tommorow's commute. New exhaist gaskets were doubled where the OEM muffler bolts onto the expansion pipe's silencer. Both of the pipe's slip joints were treated with liquid muffler weld. Then they were wrapped in a saturated exhaust bandage. This should cure the exhaust leak I've been having.

While the engine was out, I opened the pocket bike gear box to check for damage. I had been hearing a noisy bearing, so now was a good time to check. All gears and bearings were still greased. The gearbox has grease not oil, which leaks out and makes a mess. The last time I worked on the box, I cleaned the mating surfaces, but did not replace the torn gasket or use sealer. This time, I cleaned and sealed the box well.

I have a spare gearbox handy, so I'll pull one of its bearings and find good quality replacement ones.

The exhaust fix should cure by 7am tomorrow, when I leave for work.
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