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Default Re: Hi From Chicago. New and in need of help.

Originally Posted by Dr. Bob View Post
hey there...I'm also in Chicago (Logan Square) and very new to the motorized bicycle community! I recently bought a Schwinn bicycle with a
40cc motor. I've ridden to work (5 miles each way) the last 2 days and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I"m addicted and thought I'd join this forum. I thought it would be a good idea to take it in for a tune-up, since I just bought the 1 year old bike. The other thing is that I've noticed it leaks a good amount of gas over night. Might have something to do with the tubes and where they connect. I'm just learning things, so don't have all the lingo yet.
Hey, about the leaking.
If you didn't replaced the lines as the pross advice then there is the problem. you really have to replace some stuff for security reasons before even start the engine.
If you bought the bike form somebody thet just wanted the fast money then you have a very standars low grade tubes, studs and screws. will be better to upgrate them before getting to replace a full piece.
I'm new too but i spend tons of time reading the posts and learning.
let me know if you agree with my post.
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