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Default My (re-)Build Journal *Update: DONE*

I built up my first bike about 1.5 years ago over the winter, drove it very little during that summer then we moved to a new home and the bike got put aside for some time. Recently I took it out and it was running OK, not great. A few weeks ago I pulled the head to take a look and found some scoring and a chunk of chrome cylinder wall gone. Looks like metal around the sparkplug hole in the cylinder dome flaked off and caused the havoc. So that started the rebuild project, but if I was going to do that I figured I should fix all the other things I was never happy with.

I am going to use this thread as my build journal to keep track of what I want to do to the bike, and the progress I make.

Bike is an el-cheapo walmart Schwinn DelMar.
Motor is an el-cheapo SkyHawk GT-5.

Here is the list of improvements and changes for the bike:

-- New top end due to cylinder and piston damage
-- Inspect motor and replace cheap hardware
-- Improve the motor mount as the motor sat with too much forward cant
-- Improve rear wheel sprocket as it was not true - had a slight wobble
-- Replace throttle as the plastic original is junk and cracked
-- Wire up a kill switch as I never got around to that the first time
-- New rear hub or wheel as the current one "clicks" and the bearing cage tore up and scratched the race
-- Add a chain tensioner as I originally tried to go without. Worked OK but would like a tensioner long term.
-- Improve tank mount as the original rear rack on the bike where I mounted the tank is too flimsy
-- Narrower tires - the original tires had occasional chain rub issues
-- Shorten cables - the throttle, clutch and brake cables are way too long
-- Add a support to the muffler
-- Add a fuel filter
-- Get it running smoothly - tuned right with no leaks

That is all I can think of right now. I'll add more as I think of it. I have already stared the project a week or so ago, so I will post a few updates shortly to get this journal current.

Happy Motor Bicycling!

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