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Default Re: So i am thinking about building one.

Originally Posted by transam8405 View Post
I am a diesel mechanic so I think that might help me out a little bit. Its not a diesel but a engine is a engine
HAHAHA Boy are you in for a shock and surprise. I spent well over 30 years as a small engine mechanic and have a Briggs Master Service Tech badge as well as am a Journeyman machinist that has built cars and scooters galore over the years as well as hundreds of 2 cycle Target and Stihl saws.

These little china girls are their own kind of animal and while they do operate on the same principals of all engines it seems that no 2 are the same and they each have their own quirks and personalities that will either make you smile or want to down a 12 pack and pull your hair out or sometimes both at the same time.

I have 2 engines ordered the same day with the same date stamp on similar bikes with the same sprockets and carbs that I have cussed every since the day I put them together. One runs fine except when it rains and then it is hard to start and the other is just a lazy dog that refuses to operate like its sister but starts in the rain.

I have been through both backwards and forwards and have no clue to why.

Good Luck man and don't take my rant the wrong way. you might have the right touch for the china girls or maybe just get lucky. I still love the darn things though.
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