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Default Re: Need a motor adapter for an 09 Electra coaster 1crusier

Looks good with plenty of room for the carb and it looks fairly level for the float to travel freely. Since the mounting bolts are so long I would make sure to go to a heavy grade bolt or maybe drill out the stud holes for bigger diameter. You might also want to take a piece of 3/4" EMT conduit and split it in half and slightly flatten it to go between the front and back of the front clamp you got from SBP to spread out the load and decrease the chance of cutting into your frame from vibration. Most people say this is only necessary on aluminum frames but I do it on steel ones too. Oh and use Nylock nuts on you U clamp or the standard ones backed up with nylocks if you have enough thread on the U bolt. It just helps to keep them from vibrating loose...

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