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Default Re: Livefastmotors rear sprocket install instructions question.

Originally Posted by Courtney Hook View Post
OK, I've been building my 80cc kit and installed my rear sprocket like the instructions from livefastmotors, showing the two rubber rings on the INSIDE of the spokes, with the 44 tooth sprocket sitting directly down on the spokes. This is how the instructions show, but it makes more sense to me to have one rubber ring on the inside of the hub, one outside THEN the sprocket. This would protect the spokes.
My question is, I've already assembled the rear sprocket with the two rubbers inside and used locktite. Has anyone had trouble with the sprocket wearing down the spokes when assembled the way livefastmotors says to do it? I don't REALLY want to take it all apart again.
Courtney, I do not have the answer to your question but... I am in the process of building my first motorized bicycle and seen those directions, then I found install instructions that said to not cut one washer and place it outside the spokes then the sprocket. The do not cut made more sense to me as this sandwiches the spokes and holds them firm. I look forward to seeing the replies.
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