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Default Re: Welding chrome?

Chrome is just the plating. The frame is most likely steel. The steel I know gets two other coatings of other metals plated first. It think it is first nickel and then silver, before the chrome goes on?

In any case I know that some metals are much worse to breathe any of the vapors while welding than others. Chrome, Stainless Steel (Chromium in it), & Galvanized Steel (has Zinc in it). I know there are some gas masks which are low profile that fit under a welder’s hood. A good fan and venting are important.

If it is really Steel underneath, removing all the plating and welding steel to steel can be done. A tricky way, but again ventilation an also safe practices using acid to etch away the plating is what I have heard is done to get the zinc off of galvanized steel. Power tools with sanding and wire brush may do it too.

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