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Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
I think it'll be okay. Of course this, too, is just a personal opinion, I admit. But I took a long look at the picture. If the tubes are as thick as he says, well, it is a partially lugged frame - bottom bracket all points, head tube both points, seat post at top tube and at bottom bracket. My only area of concern would be the seat stays and, if there's a cross-member behind the seat post like it looks like in the pic, he should be alright. That's some heavy lugging even if it is just brazed.
Allen wrench you may well be right but I would not chance it especially if I were planning to market this thing as he says he is. 1 injury suit because of a broken frame no matter if it was the riders fault for jumping curbs or what not on a brazed frame could be verrrrra expensive to defend when the industry standard surpassed brazed frames 40+ years ago. I really dont think it would be defendable most lawyers would tell you to pony out the checkbook and pay before it went to trial.
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