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Default hello everyone

My name is Aaron

My bike is a schwinn landmark

66cc Kit is From bikeberry who has no customer service. but anywho.

Mods list.
1. brake lever for throttle instead if twist grip, Why?, Well its more comfortable to do it that way instead.
2. custom air filter from sick bike parts, Why? why not
3. welded sprocket to rear hub, Why? Broke spokes on last wheel, sprocket fit perfectly on hub/centered it and welded it, no harm to bearings, and it is absolutly straight as an arrow.
4. Chain Tentioner, here is where you use the kiss method, Keep It Simple Stupid. I just used another derailer, turned around, remove what wasnt needed and damn if isnt better than anything else out there on the market.
5. gastank is normal, but really want an in frame tank.
6. I went through the entire engine, and replaced every single bolt on this thing with class 12 metric 6 bolts, The cool black kind with the hex inside, looks good and is very strong.
7. Custom Motor mount, this needed dont because the down tube on the landmark is alot larger than the mounts, you will see in the photos what im talking about.
8. chopped muffler off at baffles sounds loud and nasty like i like it. and it was just in the way. custom one to be done later, mabey a 1 into 2 exhaust. duel baffles...
I will upload videos and pics in later entries, i hope you like how i did things, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on making it better or stronger let me know.
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