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Default Re: Well I just had to say this and see if anyone else has experienced this

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I never said I was running a stock exhaust............and I have no idea what IOW means a little english here please

I said I ran an exhaust I made that pulled better on the hills than the expansion pipe does, the length of the expansion pipe is still as it came I never shortened it for fear of loosing my low end pulling power, like I said I'm NOT trouble shooting what I have...... I know what I have and how it works I'm just asking if others have had this same experience.

it seems no one is redaing and understanding what I ask and what this thread was started for.

I LIKE THE EXPANSION CHAMBER ON THE BIKE JUST FINE....... I just haven't seen any benefits to it over the exhaust I've made and put on my bikes like this one.....
Hi! just got my first bike running and i am wanting to make my own exhaust. how did you make that, what kind of pipe and other materials did you use? And I appologize if you have made a post about this. Please give me a link if you have thanks much!
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