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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
Wm, wm, wm, I've been using the term tribrid on my blog since 2009. Need a link or have you already seen it, lol.

Oy! Really quite simple if you don't block it out, just follow the theme of this thread but another hint: an original product is one you make not just assemble.
Just playing devils advocate...where do we draw the line?
did you make the steel? in my foundry...
ok did you mine the ore? in my backyard...
do you own the mineral rights? no...

then it's not yours.

yes i have a i going to make every screw just because I can?
**** NO!

Just sayin...

I really love the rolling art work we get to appreciate here and want nothing more then for it to continue.
The trash builds....not so much.
But even the chain saw motor guys bring food for thought to the table.

again...the line.

you've been using tribrid in your blog since 2009...I believe you.
I was FLABERGASTED when "" was not already taken...
so i bought it.
Not an original thought.
But it's mine.

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