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Default Re: Need a Tune-Up in Chicago

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Great, great learning experience. Will answer questions like you wouldn't believe.
If they are anything like my locals you forgot to add:
  • Dirty Up your tools and garage.
  • Try to burn down your garage with your torch or welder.
  • Hit on your girlfriend.
  • Drink all of your beer.
  • Drink your last beer.
  • Argue about everything from the Pope to Politics.
  • Back their bikes up to your neighbors door and rev their engine thinking it is your house.
  • Try to teach your dog to smoke.
  • Pee in your yard.

And that is the short list. All in all you will love them since they are just like family... The really nice thing is they dont mind too much if you reciprocate when you visit their home or shop for the most part.

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