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Cool Blue. Good to know.

Come to find out the tools I ordered will not be here until next Tuesday. Was kinda bummed but like my first motorized bicycle kit, the wait was good and it allows time to get information like you've posted. Just dawned on me, I had been considering buying a pre-keyed shaft.
Ya mighta pushed me out of a minor bullets path again.

Been looking all over and can't find the answer. (dumb question alert) The mill does not seem to come down low enough to cut a keyway. I have yet to put an endmill in so might be worrying fer nothing. But what would some thing be called that could be locked on the work bench vise? I sent 2 pics from my phone and will post.

Sitting here looking at it, gonna be close either way. Might just need an inch or 2 if that.

Also thinking I might cut one (hehe, he said cut one) in plastic just to check my math (which is really suspect) and see if it fits and to ease into learning the machine. Dunno, was watching a how2 vid and they used plastic to demonstrate.

Again, thanks to you guys, I am taking the safety issues of this machine very seriously. Which is a nice break from my usual approach to life, snicker.

Well this is fun and comforting but my machine is no longer posted on the HF web page. So either I am one of the few who purchased it or they know some thing I don't.

Wanted to use their pic to show what I am asking. Cell phone pics are still not here.

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