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Default Re: opinions from female riders on build

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Never, ever, under any circumstances 'talk down' to a woman. Even if she's 4' 10".

Don't expect her to grasp the mechanics of riding immediately because women's brains work different than men's, (not inferior, just different) but she'll get it eventually. In the interim, encouragement is the keyword. Oh, and comfort. A soft seat and low enough to reach the ground with both feet.
A step through frame is an option too. There have been several very successful step throughs built. See Silver Bear's.
HAHAHA Tom right you are on both counts. My Tillotson Rep based out of Chicago has a Female sales person that is about 5'4" and an absolutely stunning blonde Canadian girl (who happened to go to HS with Dannika Patrick and dated her brother) working for them and who is also a world class go carter and fuel systems mechanic. She absolutely smoked me after about 10 minutes ride time when we were track testing the Tillies a couple months back on the China Girls...

I have a girl around the corner from me that rides one of my bikes all of the time and is wanting her own this fall. It is trying though with her because she really isn't mechanically inclined and is wanting me to let her use my shop and teach her all the way through the build. I an not sure there is enough beer in Dayton for me to get through it let alone share my man cave all fall.
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