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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

Originally Posted by Wm Holden View Post
I got no reaction (in this thread) from my long winded diatribe about trybrid etc...sooo..
Wm, wm, wm, I've been using the term tribrid on my blog since 2009. Need a link or have you already seen it, lol.

On topic with the thread...really the 80's the chevy nova was a rebadged honda accord...the toyota matrix and pontiac vibe were the same car as recent as a couple years ago.
It's not only nearly impossible to have a completely original's nearly impossible to have an original THOUGHT....think about it.
Oy! Really quite simple if you don't block it out, just follow the theme of this thread but another hint: an original product is one you make not just assemble.
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