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Default Re: Silverbear's in frame peanut tank

This is the gas gauge hardware I was talking about.

First photo shows a donor boat gas tank from the dump. Leaning against it is the hardware containing the gas sight gauge.

Second photo shows the underside of that hardware piece which also has the fittings for gasoline and an air line to go to an outboard motor.

Third shows the little window with the end of the wire piece which indicates how full the tank is. At the other end of the wire rod is a cork which floats at whatever level the gas is in the tank. Just under the little glass window is an axis for the rod to pivot on. It is very simple and the rod can be bent or shortened or both.

Last photo shows the little glass window against the peanut tank, perhaps where it might be fitted. So this is what you would see, just the glass window since the metal piece which holds it against the hardware piece in the other pictures would be removed and bolted through the peanut tank from inside with easy enough access through the opening where the old filler was. You'd have to do this before the tin can plug was epoxied into place.

I don't know if I'll modify another one of these tanks or not. If I kind of like it on the Panther then I may do a better version and leave it that way. This is my demo bike for the EzMotorbike kit so it would be nice to show that the kit tank could be modified and even get a gas gauge. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use this gauge on my Indian build with a coffin shaped copper in frame tank. It would be different and doesn't cost anything but my labor. I also like that while riding I could just glance down to see how the fuel supply is holding up. Nice.
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