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Default Re: NOS jaguar build , 2door would be happy ....

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
You just knew I'd have a comment, didn't you? You've built a fine looking machine. I hope you get this warrantee thing worked out so you can enjoy it.
Just in case you ever want to do some custom trim painting Dupli-Color has a nearly exact match for the Jag blue. Look for part # BTY1612, Stellar Blue Pearl. It's a Toyota color.
Let us know how you make out with GasBikes on the cylinder. Are you sure it's not just the exhaust manifold gasket?
Tom , 2door , I am just about to get dinner w my girlfriend . I will shoot you an email when I get back. Tomorrow I am going to clean and inspect everything again.... is it possible that the head gasket burnt up as well ???? I used the correct ratio for break in .... ( this is my 5th bike build) as always something new everytime..... but yeah it really looks like a crack right now....

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