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Default Re: The Wally-Banger Special build

Originally Posted by pocdragon View Post

now heres the better news!
i ordered the cheapest motor i could find because im cheap
so i expected a silver slant 66cc motor to come to my door, but no! they sent me a skyhawk GT5 kit!
whooooo now it has a sweet sticker on the clutch lol (is that the only difference?)

if they did sent me this kit on purpose its because it came with the T mount for a wide tube and not the nice pipe clamp version shown in the silver slant picture.
but hey you win some you lose some

i did read about somone else ordering the same kit from king's and also got a gt5 for some reason, the person was as stoked as i am now so he didnt return it or question the company
(so if you wanna save 20 bucks order a silver slant and you get a gt5 upgrade for free!) (maybe...)

If you got a Grubee kit .... here is what gasbike does , if you order the cheapest one .... they then send you outdated (old stock) of there better kits .... I am convinced they really only have two , the Gt5 and Gt2b. I ordered the gasbike special and received two gt2b 2010 kits ..... guess i finally got them back when they over charged me in Nov .... dm right I wasnt going to return them....
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