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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

I think what is developing is called a "cottage industry". I guess we should be happy, since all our jobs have gone to china, that some folks can make a job out of assembling chinese stuff and putting their name on a business card.

Look at this guy for example: (Helio bikes). He has quite a racket going. "Only $599, complete bikes available and free shipping." His bikes look pretty good, and if you buy a built bike it has the clamshell hub adapter and good stuff on the bike. But unless you want a bike-in-a-box like he got, drop shipped to you probably, its more than $599.

The Russians had this all figured out. Even when they were bogged down under soviet era communism, they were pumping out ready-made moped bicycles, and apparently they are so ubiquitous that no one blinks an eye at them, even half a century later.

Do you think US will eventually have a big-corp that assembly-line builds mo-bikes? Will they be worth a poop? The American buyer is used to just "taking it back to Walmart."

I wonder how it will go with the mo-bike industry here.
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