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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

Originally Posted by Joaquin Suave View Post
I always enjoy pictures of cute girli's and surf (even if its cr*ppy surf). But...

What a thread to personally spam in! LOL

Hey WM, did you by any chance read this whole thread? Tell us what in the picture of the cutie & trike you custom made?

If that is your daughter, then we can at least give you credit for being able to procreate.
I got no reaction (in this thread) from my long winded diatribe about trybrid etc...sooo..(at least this ones not watermarked)
and aaahhh this one IS resized...the original would push the page to 4 monitors...LOL!!!

I bought this bike "Mostly" finished...however I engineered the rear seat attachment from scratch.
as well as the keyed ignition system. Various other subtleties....

Also...per my wifes request...(that's her in the picture) this tricycle will soon be also electric powered. which (of course) will cause me to subject you all to yet another round of "Look what I can do"...from yours truely.

On topic with the thread...really the 80's the chevy nova was a rebadged honda accord...the toyota matrix and pontiac vibe were the same car as recent as a couple years ago.
It's not only nearly impossible to have a completely original's nearly impossible to have an original THOUGHT....think about it.

And yes...I've read this entire thread...some parts twice.

PS...thats surfers point ventura california behind of the nations...perhaps set makers. it's just further away then you realize in the shot I think. theres a guys catchin it to the left of the bike in the shot.....most pics are riddled with surfers and kite surfers. every single day...rain or shine...these guys are hard core. their funerals are called "paddleouts" (we literally "paddle out" and spread their ashes.)

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