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Default Re: Our new moderator Dan

Originally Posted by Fossil View Post
Hey Lance,
You better look out your window. If I know Dan he is sitting in your driveway waiting for you! That man loves to ride and he will ride anything too. I remember being followed but what sounded like a very angry chainsaw down in Cape Lenhopen State park. The muffler fell apart on him on his old 2 stroke. It sounded really bad. You could hear him coming from a mile away but that didn't even slow him down.

That was so funny Jim. (after drinking lunch) Happily singing "Born to be mild" at the top of my lungs and following you guys.
Every one else were ridding Whizzers.

I should keep this to my self but didn't fix that muffler until the following year and think I only did it then 'cause the engine died.

Man, that was such a great day and ride. You guys were great hosts.
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