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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Just received 2 10"x10" samples of Ultra High Density Bendix Clutch material. One piece is 1/4" and the other 5/16" thick to try out as clutch pucks. This is rigid ferrous metal impregnated material that doesn't put off too much dust and should be great for the China girls clutch pucks.

The first ones I am going to cut out on my band saw to try and if they work well I will have them cut out on a water jet and make them available for other people to use.

This material is kind of expensive and to have them cut out wont be cheap either. I saw someone selling round pucks for $25 per set (vs the $6.50 OEM price per set of 15) and thought that kind of high but if the work and wear better than the originals it might not be too bad of a deal...

My question is:

If they work out would you all be interested in them and what kind of prices would you pay for quality clutch pucks?

Oh well down to the shop to get to cutting. Hopefully will have them in by tomorrow to try out.

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