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Default First Build LOTS of Questions

Hello everyone. I want to make a motorized bicycle (go figure)

This is my first ever attempt at such a project but I am determined to carry though with this. Some info about myself. I am 5' 11" and keep my weight
between 170-180. I am a third year mechanical engineering student at UCF (University of Central Florida) and am looking to give myself a birthday gift/ study aid.

My goal is to make a ride for myself that can be under 1000 bux put together (including cost of bike) and to get over 100 MPG while maxing at 45 MPH (21 m/s). I plan on including an on board speedometer, dynamo powered head/tail/break lights as well as a front disk break.

So far I have an engine narrowed down to either the Honda GHX50 or the china Hua Sheng clone. I have browsed the forums so I have seen a few here and there examples. But, What are the advantages/disadvantages of each motor, are their any other motors in this class (<300$, <50cc, preferably 4stroke), or any key lawn equipment pieces I can look for which would give me a good motor? As a side note I have a spare Briggs and Stratton 8HP generator. Mounting something like that on a bike what would I have to expect, I have no scale reference for anything at this point.

I currently own a Motobecane Cafe Noir as a commuter bike. And realize I am going to want something with a wheelbase greater than 1 meter, and preferably a more relaxed riding position.

What are your guy's experience with using standard equipment rims I was conversing with a friend of mine who is more knowledgeable about bikes than myself and told me I would NEED to have large gauge spokes and all sorts of other fancy stuff.

I understand I am going to need a clutch assembly to allow the motor to keep turning but what is the deal with Transmissions I see for sale online, assuming I dont have one what is the max speed I can attain. Also are these going to shift. It would be difficult to shift as you do on a motorcycle.

What would be most helpful to me (other than insight) would be pictures of your bike to get ideas. Particularly pictures of: How the sprocket mounts to the rear rim, different methods of mounting the engine, fuel lines.

Other general questions I have:
Does the vibration of the engine cause any noticeable effects on the bikes frame?
I plan on purchasing a second bike have any of you found frames/bikes that work better than others?
If I am in a real hurry can I pedal the bike in conjunction with the motor?

Thanks for putting up with my inqury Any help is appreciated. Happy riding yall.
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