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Default Re: Excuse my stupidity, but what's a Clutch?

Originally Posted by brother john View Post
Well you see there you go it just aint fair that someone that aint had a lick of grease and engine grime under their fingernails can throw one of theses things together...I guess that speaks to the I said in my post that got deleted... My bad...carry on...More power to ya!
its not fair to tell someone to scrap there project before they even start if you ask me. whats a better way to learn about motors then with a small two stroke? simple cheep and not over the top for a first time rider.

if you never start then you will never get the grease and engine grime under your finger nails that i guess it takes to build a motorized bike? then your stuck buying one and paying to have it fixed. taking what i think is half the fun out of the hobby..

i guess some people are born knowing what a clutch is. and for the rest of us we should leave the bike building to the pros? i guess im just not seeing the unfair part... unfair to who? and why?
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