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Default Re: Excuse my stupidity, but what's a Clutch?

brother john, I'm not sure why you'd think it "unfair" for someone to try something new or to avail themselves of any and all resources at their disposal, such as the internet & this forum...

Honestly? If anything I respect their humility - they're not afraid to admit a lack of knowledge, I applaud their desire to experiment - it's the best way to educate themselves, I'm even somewhat surprised at their wisdom - they've chosen one of the simplest motors available as an opportunity to both learn and have some fun while they're at it.

It's refreshing to see such in today's instant gratification culture, I only wish more would dare to have such an adventurous spirit

If this particular topic is something that interests you, I would suggest you create a thread of your own to discuss it as the OP is obviously trying to learn about small engines - not so much what you may think of their decision.

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