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Default Re: Staton crankshift kit with Honda GXH50 motor comparison to Subura motor setup.

Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
really cool! did you put the black marker lines on the sprockets or did Staton? Do you have a picture of all the crank components disassembled and laid out to show how it's constructed? I've told staton about the bottom bracket bearing holder threads a number of times. Have you mentioned it to him?
Hi Max............I was the one to black mark the various chainring components since there are no self indexing features and if anything gets off axis then the "terrible wobble" comes into affect.

Again, the secret to no "wobble" is to assemble the entire chain ring installation on the keyed crank axle, that way everything is assured to be on axis when all the various bolts/screws are tightened, bearings inserted, and freewheels cinched.

I told Dave I would get back to him about my findings on this build, maybe even point him to this thread for pictures and observations.

Sorry I didnt photo the entire dissassembly of the unit, only the problem area, wished I had thought of that before putting everything back together and testing it............test went perfect, no wobbles, no freewheel drag..............Honda GXH50 acceleration is very impressive even for a putter like myself.................Don
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