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Default Re: The Wally-Banger Special build

so today i got a nice fedex package
my motor is in whooooooo (imho fedex has the worst tracking system it rarely updated it self and kept me in suspense the whole time)

now heres the better news!
i ordered the cheapest motor i could find because im cheap
so i expected a silver slant 66cc motor to come to my door, but no! they sent me a skyhawk GT5 kit!
whooooo now it has a sweet sticker on the clutch lol (is that the only difference?)

if they did sent me this kit on purpose its because it came with the T mount for a wide tube and not the nice pipe clamp version shown in the silver slant picture.
but hey you win some you lose some

i did read about somone else ordering the same kit from king's and also got a gt5 for some reason, the person was as stoked as i am now so he didnt return it or question the company
(so if you wanna save 20 bucks order a silver slant and you get a gt5 upgrade for free!) (maybe...)

more pics tomorrow time for me to dream of going 30 mph on my freshly built cruiser!

also welcome to page two
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