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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I let a friend ride it so I could hear how loud/ quiet it is now after making the crossover exhaust and modding an air compressor's air filter to fit. I wanted to hear it from a spectator's point of view as the bike went by.
He crashed. The bike slid out from underneath him as he was taking a corner that had a bit of sand in the road. I must say that he did a great job trying to save the bike. Both his knees took a beating though. He was wearing cut off pants and got some good raspberries on both knees. I could care less about the bike, I was concerned about him. He could care less about his bloody knees, he was apologetic and worried about the bike. My wife nursed his knees while I drained the fuel tank which was leaking pretty fast. I thanked him for trying to save the bike, but told him to save himself next time, no matter what he was riding.

The muffler got a teeny patch of scratches, the right grip got a bit of road rash, and the petcock got spun around (how on earth that happened, I don't know) and stripped the threads off of it.

I found out that a spare original Hodaka Ace100 valve that I had lying around was a perfect match, so on it went.
I'll re-install the tank tomorrow.
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