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Default Re: My 3rd build...

Just came back from the maiden ride of getting the tank filled up with $1.00 worth of gas. Everything was going great until it threw the drive chain from being too loose. Pedaled home and moved the tensioner down the frame to give me more room to take the slack out of the chain.

Took it for a ride in the parking lot of the apartment & when I try to use the coaster brake with the engine running...I have no brake and it feels like the engine is kicking the wheel forward where I can almost stand on trying to use the brake...but it feels like the engine is kicking the pedals forward with about the same force as a mule kicking you. With the engine off...there is a coaster brake.

Checked the arm...still attached. The bike chain is still there and attached.

Before the drive chain flew off...I had a coaster brake...but not now. Any suggestions and/or fixes????
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