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Default Re: Staton crankshift kit with Honda GXH50 motor comparison to Subura motor setup.

Problem component solved!...........key slot threaded flange backed out of inboard freewheel until it could travel no further due to making contact with big chain ring inner flange area thereby causing the 8 lbs worth of freewheel drag.

Not sure what caused the key slotted flange to back out, possible incorrect washer spacing allowing this flange to contact the bearing carrier which in turn spun the flange.

Or, maybe I was the cause when I requested that Staton not locktite any of the chainring assembly in order for ease of part replacement and repairs, maybe if key slot flange were loctited in place then it would not have spun loose, didnt think it necessary at the time because it all appears to be self tightening but this assemblys various movements are complex and hard to follow.................Don

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