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Default Re: Our new moderator Dan

Originally Posted by Lance Portnoff View Post
welcome abord Dan, ready to ride????
Thanks Lance and heck ya!

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post

No between the line`s message or anything of that nature. Just funning with a great and dear friend over the past year`s

We sure have shared some laugh`s, you Danny 2 Strokes, Tommy 2 Doors, Hot Rod Dave31 and other`s before you`all even becoming Moderators.

All of you were always helping member`s and guest`s well before becoming moderators.

Dave31 was like a `Jack-In-The Box` poppin up all the time helping everyone with any little or larger prob or question! Dave down sized and posted many picture` emailed to him by member`s. Dave was doing all these thing`s before ever being asked to become a mod. Dave shines as bright as the north star.

The rest of you lug nut`s are lucky to be tolerated! lol, just jerking your chains! Don`t get growlie now! These amazin forum`s are something to behold. We post something and in seconds we may hear from a friend on the other side of the planet. Sadly we may never meet them, but friend`s just the same.

We must not forget HIKER STEVE who spent many many hours making most of these fun moticons. He created mine from a picture of my DIY cvt rack mount.

If I ever meet the Rite Lady I will get to visit all of "youse" guy`s! Maybe even our Foundin Father Paul The Great if she has a big enough boat or coin purse .

I spend much of my time correcting the spelling mistakes my cheap keyboard makes! IF SOME ONE would give us our long overdue ss cost of living increase I could ride my motorized bicycle to a goodwill store and snag a good used keyboard. If the increase was accidently big enough I could gas it up and hear it run.

Stick a fork in me, I`m dumb!! I resemble that remark!!

___________ Dan forgot he put his clutch handle on the wrong side!!

my boat name = Neat Times.....Ron

LOL Ron.

Kidding aside, I really did take your sage advice to heart. Posted it and gonna print it out.

Originally Posted by Fulltimer View Post
Congrats Dan! I'll apologize in advance for my next screw up! :-)

Har, lol Terry. If you don't tell on me, I wont tell on you.

There is a mod section. I read most of it. Is mostly what to look for. Spammers are amazingly cleaver. But reading back threw it, some thing like 4 yrs worth, You guys would not believe how much the Mods care and how many hrs they put in. Great personal time and expense has been spent for us.

I always knew it was work and was glad for their time but man, is a lot more then I knew about.

I really do thank you guys for all the laughs, wit and knowledge.

LOL, now I gotta go kick a nigarian prince off even though he can get us "low, low prices" on little blue pills.
worst apocalypse ever
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