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Default Re: Silverbear's in frame peanut tank

And this is as far as I have gotten on this little project. If there's time today I'll sand it down some and shoot it with primer and later a finish coat in black. Let it set for a few days and then shoot it with clear coat. Not so much for pretty, but to try to keep the inevitable gas drips and spills from eating the paint instantly (not from leaks, but from clumsiness). Then I'll use the tank for awhile to see how it is. The cap will be drilled in the center with a tiny hole for a vent. And that's it. In then end it is good that I couldn't solder the tank as this has given a different way to accomplish the same end for those of you who do not weld, do not yet know how to solder, don't have much money, but do have an extra peanut tank and an appropriate frame to put it in. Until the day you can afford one from Sportscarpat or have a welder and can make your own, maybe this simple tank modification will suffice. I'll follow up with photos later showing progress as it comes. By winter a spiffy copper tank will replace this cobbled one, but I hope this experiment is of use to somebody. At least I'll know it can be done and will have had the fun of doing it.
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