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Default Re: Silverbear's in frame peanut tank

Next up I drilled the pilot hole for the new filler with a bigger bit and started enlargening the hole to the size I wanted with a cone shaped grinding bit in the drill. I discovered pretty quickly that it was eating away the bit rapidly, so traced the new filler tube onto the tank with a marking pen and then ground it out with a less expensive grinding bit. I made it a tight fit.
My new filler is a 3/4" copper pipe fitting... a 45 degree elbow with a male threaded end and a brass hose cap. The plan was to plug the big opening in the top where the old filler got cut off with a cap made from a tin can lid. (Me and my tin cans.) And then solder the copper filler pieces together and then to the tank. Simple and would only take a few minutes... except for one thing. For the life of me I could not get the solder to flow into the tank metal. They did not like each other at all. I used a wire wheel to remove the paint, had bare metal to work with, plenty of heat, flux and silver solder... doing the same thing I've done with numerable V8 gas tanks, but no deal.

Dang. So I set it aside to contemplate a bit while doing other things. I realized then that I could probably do it OK with JBWeld epoxy. I've repaired old gas tank rust holes on tanks with JBWeld and it worked for that so why not? So that is what I have done. I applied the epoxy in two stages, letting the first coating dry completely before applying the second.

SB (cont.)
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