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Default Silverbear's in frame peanut tank

Right now I'm running a peanut gas tank on my 50 Panther. I had a nice in frame tank made by Sportscarpat and let it go to a friend for his build. At some point when I have the time I intend to make a nice copper in frame tank now that I know how, but until there's down time the peanut tank will have to do. Actually on this build the tank doesn't look bad. I don't mind it. One day I got to looking at the shape of the opening between the cross bars and realized it was much like the profile of the peanut tank. I wondered if it would fit in between the cross bars...

The filler cap was in the way and even if it did fit how would you fill it with the cross bar in the way of the filler? But if that stock filler was gone... and if a different filler was offset to the side... maybe then it would slide in there. I measured and it would fit. It would also fit in the same space on the Worksman. I wondered how it would look... so I decided to make one.

Pictures show what I did. Cut off the stock filler with a side grinder. If you don't have one you could remove it with a hacksaw and then a grinding bit on your drill to smooth it out.

Then I made a little dent where I wanted the new filler to go. That's for keeping a drill bit from wandering on the curved surface to be drilled.

Then I set it in the frame to see what it looked like and be sure it actually fit.
So far, so good.
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