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Default Re: HELP! All i did was adjust C clip to top notch, and now Throttle Cable TOO LONG!

OK throttle cable prob. solved: I put the inner plastic ring, that hold the cable at the lever and slides back and forth as you pull the throttle open/closed....

...with the cable coming up into the ring/housing, it's supposed to go up and over, NOT down and under.

Ate right into the plastic. Reversed it, and we're back on track.

MAN does this thing hummm now that I paralleled the float and moved it up a pin!

New problem:

When fuel on/off is in the ON position, fuel pours out of the overflow tube at the bottom of the carb while riding whether idle, mid, or WOT.

When OFF of course, it doesn't leak.

And when in mid-pos. between on and off, I can get as much ride out of it as the fuel in the line and the inline filter, then of course, no more fuel.

How do I get the fuel to NOT pour out of the overflow tube when open?

More importantly, WHY is it doing this?

Thanks to all for your help!
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