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Cool In Frame Falcon

So I saw one other person that had done it and thought what the heck? its cheap...... So after three terrible weeks of waiting for parts, missing a ride, loosing my phone, starting my truck on fire, and working lots and lots and lots of overtime.... SHE'S DONE!!!!! ish.... I finally got her rolling while the fireworks shined on sunday. Absolutely amazing ride, tons of fun, and lots of attention from the ladies.

So for the details. This is just the initial assembly and still have so much work to do. I had some issues sealing the tank where the down tube was welded to the head tube. Took three coats of redkote and about 4 days between drying. I did the same as most and used a npt to garden hose fitting for the cap but I added a breather vent from mcmaster carr in the middle.... don't know if I like it or not.... Might just get a new cap and drill a hole. I stole the brake and wheel from my "mountain" you can see its a 1 1/4 slick and my mountain bike has a mean street attitude..... in any case. I will eventually put the matching tire on and both fenders but I think I will enjoy it for a bit longer. I'm running a speed carb, mm intake, mm sprocket adapter for the nexus 3, and an spb hd throttle all on a gt-5sr. The engine mounts aren't finished yet but the design is being tested in theory on this bike. I couldn't rid the bike of the chain tensioner and just ripped the one off my wreck last minuet. Fit surprisingly well but ugly as sin. I still havent hooked up the 3 speed because I don't like the shifter on the bars so I will have to find an alternate as soon as I can. but I'M TIRED.... so I shall have to continue later.... enjoy the pics

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