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Default Re: HELP! All i did was adjust C clip to top notch, and now Throttle Cable TOO LONG!

Yeah, so i actually had it running just at WOT, and the throttle cable wouldn't 'return' to it's seat (spring action type return). Instead, the cable came out of the sheath at the handle.

I think I put the throttle back on incorrectly when I made an adjustment to it's location on the handlebars. (no, my pin broke off, so it doesn't have a true home location).

Anyway, took off throttle and reseated the internal, white plastic rotator that gives it it's 'spring action'...and now at least the cable seats and returns properly, but I certainly have lost the tension/strength of the original action the throttle grip had.

Gonna check it out in a minute, go for a test run.

I know for sure I put the barrel back in properly, as there was really only one way to make it fit.

Thanks for all the help everyone.

Will advise...
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