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Default Re: It made it to work.

A freind of mine got pulled over bye a state trouper and he said in the state of NH anything with a motor needs to be registered period!!He had a bunch of laws with him and made him read them aloud and it kind of made sense to him.Now I got pulled over bye him this spring and told him the peddle assist law,I didnt need to be registered and my bike was 49 cc,he took some pictures and let me go .I have put over 500 miles on my bike back and forth to work,I leave very early in the morning and come home before he gets out so I have not run into him.Have you had any problems with the cops?The local town cop is fine with it and the rest of my ride but this statey lives in my town and I am going to keep rideing until I am told not to.

Would like to go for a ride with a few bikes in a safe place some day for fun.We should get together
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